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Fife Amphibian and Reptile Group


FARG Amphibian Site Record Sheet old

  • Wildlife Record Form
    Please use this form to record any species seen in Fife and then submit the record to Fife Nature. Even if a species seems common, it may very well be under-recorded. All records are valuable. [ view ]
  • Adder Count notes [ view ]
  • Chytrid Fungus [ view ]
  • ARG notes on Amphibian Disease
    Amphibian disease precautions : a guide for UK fieldworkers [ view ]
  • Site Record
    Please use this to record any water bodies you know of that contains amphibians, and send it back in to the Pitcairn Centre (address at bottom of sheet) [ view ]
  • Instruction for species recording
    If you would like to fill in your species records electronically then please follow the instructions written here [ view ]
  • Species Recording
    If you have access to a computer, you can then put the records into the Excel Wildlife Recording Form' attached and e-mail them to Fife Nature. The spreadsheet is a simple table that records can be typed into . Notes on using the form are listed above. If you don't have access to e-mail please post your original paper records. Al records are very valuable in helping protect Fife's wildlife. [ view ]
  • FARG site survey Crieff Golf Club
    Initial assessment of the amphibian interest in a pond, Crieff Golf Club, Perth Road, Crieff. [ view ]
  • FARG Survey note Toad Survey
    Survey for and if needed, relocate amphibians from roadway to nearest breeding pond to increase the chances of breeding success in the local population [ view ]
  • FARG Survey Note Woodhall Dean
    Visit to Woodhall Dean SWT Reserve near Dunbar to use survey techniques to locate adder Vipera berus , and to view suitable adder habitat [ view ]
  • FARG Site Survey - Devilla and Craigencat Quarry
    Report from the FARG reptile survey of sites at Devilla Forest and Craigancat Quarry on 29 May 2010 [ view ]
  • FARG Site Survey Lomonds
    Report from FARG site survey on 26 June 2010 at the limestone kilns on East Lomond. [ view ]

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